Live Tenders/Enquiries
Published Date Tender Documents Category Bid Submission
Closing Date
25-11-2020 Enquiry for "Cleaning of Water Tanks". Civil work 04-12-2020
25-11-2020 Enquiry for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) based Micro-grid 16-12-2020
23-11-2020 Enquiry for Upright Microscope Equipment category 14-12-2020
13-11-2020 Enquiry for firewall / UTM Bundle Computer Hardware 03-12-2020
13-11-2020 Enquiry for HPLC system with accessories Equipment category 04-12-2020
28-10-2020 Enquiry for Kugelrohr Apparatus

Corrigendum - I

Corrigendum - II

Corrigendum - III

Laboratory and Scientific Equipment 02-12-2020