Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Extra Curriculars

Cryptathon is the annual Treasure Hunt event of IIT Goa. This event was initiated by Abhishek Varghese and Vikas Bansal. This year's organizers were Abhishek Varghese, Gaurav Ganna, Jarnu Girdhar and Jatin Johri. The game involves ten teams battling their brains out on the campus to find clues and solve riddles to get to the prize first. The theme for this year was "Using the Technology Around Us". There were two prizes this year. The Scavenger Trophy was given to the team scoring the highest no. of points. This was bagged by Vishal Jha, Shikha Verma, Saurabh Singh and Mohd. Saquib Khan. The Championship Trophy was given to the team who completed the game first. This was bagged by Ansh Rajdev, Revanth Sharma, Nithin Adidela, John Leo and Sandeep Korrapati.

The game demanded intellectual, cognitive and athletic skills from the players. Cryptathon will come again next year and the organizers hope to increase the participants by including players from different colleges within the campus as well.