Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Extra Curriculars
53rd Inter IIT Sports Board Meeting

Inter IIT Sports Meet is an annual sports tournament played by all 23 IITs and is hosted by a different IIT every year. The Sports Meet takes place in two parts - The Aquatics Meet in the month of October and the Main Meet in the month of December. The Entire Meet is arranged by the host IIT which will be IIT Guwahati for the 53rd Meet. The Sports Board consists of all the General Sports Secretaries and the Sports Officers of each IIT. All the specifics pertaining to the accommodation, no. of sports, schedule, etc are discussed by the Sports Board two times annually; once in the month of August and once in the month of December. Santosh Upadhyay(Asst. Sports Officer) and Apoorva Uplap(GS Sports) represented IIT Goa in the 1st Sports Board Meeting at IIT Guwahati on 18th August 2018.

The Meeting commenced on 18th August at 9:00 am. All the members first observed 2 mins of silence in the honour of our late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji who expired a day earlier.

The members then introduced themselves and the discussion on all agendas began after the welcome address of the Host IIT's organizing team.

The Agendas of the meeting were as follows:

  1. The minutes of meetings of the previous Sports Board Meetings held at IIT Madras in the months of August and December were discussed and it was confirmed that no changes were needed in its rulings.
  2. The dates of the Aquatics Meet and the Sports Meet were decided as follows: Aquatics: 3/10/18 - 7/10/18
    Main Meet : 13/12/18 - 21/10/18.
  3. The next agendas were fixing the boarding and bedding rates along with finalizing all the sports brands to be used for different sports.

This ended the morning session and after the lunch break, Mr Gautam Biswas (Director of IIT Guwahati) addressed the Board and the evening session commenced.

The next agendas of the meeting were the individual agendas submitted by few IITs. Along with IIT Kanpur, BHU, Roorkee, Delhi even IIT Goa had submitted its own Agenda. IIT Goa requested to increase the no. of participants allowed for all the new IITs which is fixed to a maximum of 41 while the Older IITs are allowed a maximum contingent strength of 144 athletes. However, the agenda was rejected on the grounds of less infrastructure for accommodation at IIT Guwahati.

The next agendas were as follows :

  1. The minor changes in rules of different sports deviating from the rules of the universally accepted governing bodies of all Sports to allow fair competition among amateur athletes of all IITs were discussed and confirmed.
  2. The fixtures were then drawn and the schedule of events of was finalised.
  3. The Host of the next Meet was to be decided and IIT Kharagpur was chosen to host the 54th Inter IIT Aquatics and Sports Meet.
  4. Having discussed these agendas, the meeting ended. The organizing team then gave the board members few mementoes. The inspection of all play fields took place later and then the members dispersed.

    IIT Guwahati was a splendid host for the duration of the meeting. It was a nice opportunity for the G.Secs of all IITs to interact with each other and be a part of the decision making the body of the annual Sports Meet. Even though our agenda was rejected, IIT Goa will give its best performance in all the sports we contest in.