Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Orientation Day-2018

On the 5th of August 2018 with the Orientation day for the Freshers, who had just arrived the previous day. It must surely have been an exciting thing to look forward to for the newbies.

After an early Sunday breakfast (at least for some of us), we headed to the Gymkhana for the event. The venue was designed to keep up the enthusiasm of the juniors and surely did its part well.

As it was a Sunday morning, you'd expect it to start a bit lazily and surely enough it did have quite some delay. Once the Director arrived though, the enthusiasm and the anticipation returned to everyone.

Prof. Rishikesh then welcomed the gathering and gave a brief overview of what would be happening during the event.

Then, Prabal, our General Secretary for Hostel Affairs gave the anxious freshies a brief overview of what's happening in the life of a student from IIT Goa. He also gave some advice to the freshers, from what he's experienced in his past 2 years at IIT Goa.

It was then the turn of newly appointed Dean, Prof. Sachin Kore to talk about the statistics and intake data of the latest batch, and at the same time gave them valuable advice for their studies and academics. He also introduced each of the faculty present at the program.

This was followed by brief talks from distinguished faculty from each Department.

Prof. Rathore spoke about how he feels that knowledge that is gained here should not be diluted and appealed to all the students and young faculty to strive for high-quality education.

Prof. Biswas gave a brief introduction into what B.Tech, CSE has to offer, while mentioning all the trending topics including the development of AI and neural networks, which got everyone excited.

Prof. Bahadur eased the anxiety of the freshers, by talking about he himself had handled being away from home, saying that he'd love to give home-made food to anyone who misses home.

After all this time, it was time for the customary address from the Director. He mentioned and agreed with all the things said by the previous speakers. He also spoke about his experiences, and about the significance of having good friendships, and the joys of hostel life. He also mentioned that while studying in an IIT may seem daunting at first, it'll all become organized and each person will have developed a "daily cycle". He also mentioned the works towards the new campus and requested all students to have good interactions with all faculty. He also requested that everyone have mutual respect, for smooth functioning.

This was followed by a screening of an introduction video shot by a few 3rd years, which familiarised the students with the "campus" they'll be spending their next semester in. Also included in that was a short video on the times the seniors have had over the past years.

This concluded the Orientation program.

The registration then began for the freshers. A few volunteers helped ease the anxiety and worries of the newbies and helped them to register for all their courses. By 4 pm in the evening, the new batch had truly made their home in IIT Goa and was ready for all challenges with the curiosity that all newbies possess.