Sunday, April 21, 2019
Independence Day - 2018

Dr. T. S. Rathore

IIT Goa zealously celebrated the Independence Day 2018, a red letter day in the history of our nation. The auspicious event began with the director, Prof B. K. Mishra, unfurling the national flag while the choir sang the national anthem and the rest saluted the tricolour. After the flag hoisting, the Director addressed the audience sharing his broadened perspective on the significance of the occasion.

Brimming with patriotic fervour, the crowd cheered for the participants and encouraged them as the event progressed. An unprecedented enthusiasm was seen among both the students as well as the faculty members. Expressive poetries were presented by Professor T.S. Rathore and several exuberant students including Pallav Mathur, Anmol Palliwal and Ashish Kumar. A second-year student, Rajhansini Khoiwal also chose to voice her views through a well-prepared speech. The Music Club enchanted the crowd with a melodious patriotic song further heightening the nationalist feelings. The dance group led by the Dance Secretary, Akshay Kumar also mesmerised the audience with their performance. Moreover, The dramatics club took the occasion as an opportunity to express the shortcomings in Independent India and their play compelled the youth to think about the social evils that still dominate the Indian society.

Overall, the event, hosted by Ms Priyanka Arora and Mr Meghej Khandelwal, was quite high-spirited and was cherished by all present at the venue. The program helped us recall the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and reminded us of the Independent India they had idealized.