Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Fresher's Orientation Week

Prabal Bhatnagar, General Secretary Academic Affairs

Fresher's Orientation week was organized by the Council Members of IIT-GOA, Introducing the Freshers to different Councils, Clubs and explaining the working and functioning of these bodies. Cultural Council presented themselves on the first day of Orientation week i.e. 6th August 2018, General Secretary Cultural Affairs, Abhay Kajaniya along with Arts Secretary, Harshil Choudhary and Literary Secretary, Mahipal Rathore addressed the students and explained the students about various Cultural Events like Fresco Fiesta, Flock, Saavyas, Happenings, Waves and discussed their plans for this academic year. The event ended with each student giving their introduction to the Council Members.

Academic Council presented themselves on 7th August 2018, General Secretary Academic Affairs, Prabal Bhatnagar along with Branch Representatives of Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Gaurav Ganna, Sajal Yadav and Aryendra Singh respectively, addressed the students and explained them about the various Academic Programs, Malpractices, Internships, Seminars. Students were curious and asked substantial questions like Branch Change, Additional Courses, Minors, Exchange Programs, Attendance Policy and Studying and Sleeping Hours.

Sports Council followed by STAB presented themselves on 8th August 2018, General Secretary Sports Affair Apoorva Uplap along with Secretary Indoor, Outdoor Games (1&2), Himanshu Singhal, Animesh Sharma and Sameehan Deodhar respectively, explain the students about various events like Aavahan, Spree, Crick-verse, Inter IIT, Flock, NSO and various matches with local teams. Students were informed about the Gymkhana as well as SAI sports facility that includes Badminton, Gym, Swimming, Cricket, Football and Table Tennis.

General Secretary STAB, Ansh Rajdev explained the students about the Technical Clubs, Technical Seminars and Workshops, INICIO, IOT and the future plans of STAB.