School of Chemical and Materials Sciences
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Purpose
1 Femtosecond amplified laser and transient absorption spectrometer Measure excited state dynamics of molecules and materials in UV-Vis-NIR region.
2 Vacuum pump (1 microBar) Low pressure reactions
3 Schlenk line Air sensitive reactions
4 Magnetic stirrer Mixing reaction mixture
5 Potentiometer Measure EMF
6 Conductometer Measure conductance of aquance solutions
7 Colorimeter Measuring color intesity
8 Polarimeters Measuring optical rotation
9 Hot-air oven Glassware drying
10 Chemical Fumehood Carrying out reactions
11 Melting point apparaturs Measurement of melting point of compounds
12 Spectrofluorimeter (Agilent) Steady-state Fluorescence Spectra measurements
13 UV-Visible Spectrometer (Jasco) Steady-state Absorption spectra measurements
14 Rotavapour assembly (Buechi & Heidolph) with -20 degree C chillers Purification of compunds
15 LC-MS (Shimadzu) Identification of compunds