Course Contents and Assessment

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1 Course contents Syllabus
2 Grading methodology Assessment Criteria

Lectures Schedule, Topics and Assignments/Papers

Lecture. No. Lecture Topic
Lecture 1 Scalars; Vectors; Force; Resultant of Forces
Lecture 2 Static Equilibrium; Free Body Diagrams(FBD); Equilibrium of Particles
Lecture 3 Concept of Moment; Transmissibility; Varignon's Theorem; Moment of Couples;
Lecture 4 Addition of Couples; Equivalent System; Reduction of System of Forces
Lecture 5 Concurrent, Coplanar and Parallel Forces; Wrench
Lecture 6 Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies; Types of Connections; Two and Three Member Systems
Lecture 7 Statical Determinacy; Practice Problems
Lecture 8 Center of Gravity and Centroids
Lecture 9 Center of Symmetry
Lecture 10 Pappus-Guldinus Theorem; Distributed Loads on Beams and Submerged Bodies
Lecture 11 Area Moment of Inertia; Radius of Gyration; Parallel Axis Theorem; Mass Moment of Inertia


Spring 2022
Lecture 12 Engineering Structure: Truss, Frame and Machine; Method of Joints
Lecture 13 Method of Section; Compound Truss
Lecture 14 Analysis of Frames; Analysis of Machines; Practice Problems
Lecture 15 Friction, Coulomb's Laws of Dry Friction
Lecture 16 Angle of Repose; Friction Practice Problems
Lecture 17 Wedge; Belt Friction
Lecture 18 Journal Bearing; Rolling Resistance
Lecture 19 Practice Problems
Lecture 20 Practice Problems

Mid-Term Exam

Spring 2022
Lecture 21 Work Done by Force, Virtual Displacement, Principle of Virtual Work
Lecture 22 Conservative Force, Principle of Minimum Potential Energy
Lecture 23 Practice Problems
Lecture 24 Kinematic of Particle; Rectilinear Motion
Lecture 25 Particle Motion; Projectile Motion
Lecture 26 Curvilinear Motion
Lecture 27 Frame of Reference; Dependent Motion
Lecture 28 Kinetics of Particle; Newtonian and Inertial Frame of Reference; Equilibrium
Lecture 29 Non-Rectangular Components of Acceleration; Tangential and Normal Acceleration
Lecture 30 Polar Coordinates; Acceleration
Lecture 31 Newton's Second Law of Motion; Dynamic Equillibrium
Lecture 32 Kinetics of Particles: Work and Energy, Conservation of Energy


Spring 2022
Lecture 33 Impulse and Momentum
Lecture 34 Impact of Two Bodies
Lecture 35 Practice Problems
Lecture 36 Kinematics of Rigid Bodies; Velocity in General Plane Motion
Lecture 37 General Plane Motion: Acceleration
Lecture 38 Rotating Frame of Reference, Corolis Acceleration
Lecture 39 Kinetics of Rigid Bodies: Force and Energy Methods
Lecture 40 Practice Problems

End-Term Exam

Spring 2022