Course Contents and Assessment

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1 Course contents Syllabus
2 Grading methodology Assessment Criteria

Lectures Schedule, Topics and Assignments/Papers

Lecture. No. Lecture Topic
Lecture 1 Introduction to Composite Materials
Lecture 2 Constituents of Composite Materials; Types of Fiber and Matrix Materials
Lecture 3 Anisotropic Elasticity; Hooke's Law; Orthrotropic Materials
Lecture 4 Transverse and Isotropic Stiffness Matrix
Lecture 5 Volume Fractions; Longitudinal Strength; Transverse Strengths
Lecture 6 In-Plane Poisson's Ratio and Shear Modulus; Out of Plane Shear Modulus; Halpin Tsai Formulas
Lecture 7 Chami's Model; Sample Problems
Lecture 8 Longitudinal Compressive and Tensile Strength; Transverse Tensile Strength
Lecture 9 Short Fiber Composites


Spring 2022
Lecture 10 Ply Mechanics, Hooke's Law
Lecture 11 Tensors and it's Transformations; Elastic Potential Theory; Stiffness Matrix
Lecture 12 Engineering and Shear Strains; Planes of Symmetries
Lecture 13 Rotation Symmetry; Reciprocal Theory
Lecture 14 Isotropic and Orthotropic Materials
Lecture 15 Plane Stress Condition; Lamina Orientation; Reduced Stiffness Matrix
Lecture 16 Reduced Compliance Matrix; Concept of Mutual Infulence
Lecture 17 Ply Mechanics: Practice Problems

Mid-Term Exam

Spring 2022
Lecture 18 Laminate Mechanics; Joint Plies
Lecture 19 Classical Laminate Theory (CLT)
Lecture 20 Stress Resultants; ABD Matrices
Lecture 21 Shear-Extension-Bending-Twisting Couplings; Laminate Notations; Laminate Stiffnesses: Single Isotropic Layer
Lecture 22 Laminate Stiffness: Single Layer Isotropic, Specially Orthotropic, Generally Orthotropic and Anisotropic Laminate; Symmetric Laminates: Multiple Isotropic Layers, Specially and Generally Orthotropic Materials; Angle Plies
Lecture 23 Angle Plies; Antisymmetric Laminates: Cross and Angle Plies
Lecture 24 Quasi-Isotropic, Balanced and Hybrid Laminates; Inversion of Stiffenss Matrix
Lecture 25 Hygro-Thermal Effects on Laminates


Lecture 26 Recap
Lecture 27 Failure Theories: Maximum Stress and Strain Theories; Mohr Columb's Theory
Lecture 28 Tsai Hill Failure Theory
Lecture 29 Failure Theory - Practice Problems
Lecture 30 Strength Reduction by Sequential Ply Failure
Lecture 31 Delamination and Debonding

End-Term Exam

Spring 2022