EE 611 Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Machines

  • Syllabus

    • Reference Frame Theory - Equations of transformation, commonly used reference frames, variables observed from several frames of reference, transformation between reference frames. Symmetrical Induction Machines - Voltage and torque equations in machine variables, equations of transformation for rotor circuits, voltage and torque equation in arbitrary reference frame variables, commonly used references frames and analysis of steadystate operation. Permanent-Magnet AC Machines - Voltage and torque equations in machine variables, voltage and torque equations in rotor reference frame variables, analysis of steady-state operation and brushless dc motor. Introduction to design of Electrical Machinery - Machine geometry, stator windings, winding functions, flux linkage and inductances of various windings, lumped parameter magnetic equivalent network, design of radial and axial flux permanent magnet machines, induction motor design, introduction to switched and synchronous reluctance machines, flux reversal and flux switching machines, thermal and stress analysis of machines. Induction Motor and PMAC drives - Volts per Hertz Control, field oriented control, direct torque control, slip power recovery, voltage source inverter fed PMAC drives and current regulated inverter fed PMAC drives.


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