Fluid Mechanics (ME 201)

ME 201 is a core course for third semester B.Tech. students of the school of mechanical sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Goa. This page containts details of the course that is being taught during Autumn 2020. Due to COVID, online lectures were offered and links to all lectures are provided here.

Instructor: Dr. Sudhakar Yogaraj

Teaching Assistants: Dheeraj R, and Pratyusha Singh

The syllabus can be downloaded by clicking here.

Course progress

  • [07/09] Definition of fluid, solid vs fluid under shear loading, Newton's law of viscosity [Video]

  • [08/09] Continuum hypothesis, Properties of fluids (density, viscosity and compressibility) [Video-1][Video-2]

  • [09/09] Classification of fluids, Non-Newtonian fluids, surface tension, no-slip condition [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [14/09] Fluid statics: Pascal's law, hydrostatic law, reference values for pressure [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [15/09] Manometry, Forces acting on plane and curved surfaces [Video-1] [Video-2] [Video-3]

  • [16/09] Tutorial 1

  • [21/09] Bouyancy, stability of submerged and floating bodies [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [22/09] Kinematics: Lagrangian and Eulerian description, material derivative [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [23/09] Pathline, streamline, and streakline, strain rate tensor [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [28/09] Governing equations in integral form: System (open, closed and isolated), derivation of Reynolds transport theorem [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [29/09] Conservation of mass and momentum in integral form [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [30/09] Tutorial 2

  • [05/10] Energy equation in integral form, Steady flow energy equation [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [06/10] Bernouli's equation: derivation, applicability and limitations [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [07/10] Tutorial 3

  • [12/10] Static, dynamic and stagnation pressure, pitot static tube, kinetic energy correction factor [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [14/10] Tutorial 4

  • [22/10] Midsem exam

  • [26/10] Dimensional analysis: Introduction and Buckingham Pi theorem [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [27/10] Method of repeating variables, some important non-dimensional numbers [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [28/10] Similarity and model studies, incomplete similarity [Video-1] [Video-2] [Video-3]

  • [02/11] Governing equations in differential form: integral vs differential form, continuity equation, stream functions [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [03/11] Derivation of Navier-Stokes equations [Video]

  • [04/11] Tutorial 5

  • [09/11] Analytical treatment of Couette flow [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [10/11] Flow through pipes: Laminar and turbulent flows, Reynolds experiment [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [11/11] Tutorial 6

  • [16/11] Entrance region, fully developed flow, Hagen-Poiseuille flow [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [17/11] Turbulent flows, Major losses, Moody diagram [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [18/11] Review of chapters 5 and 6

  • [23/11] Orifice, nozzle and Venturimeter [Video-1]

  • [24/11] D'Alemberts paradox, concept of boundary layer, measures of boundary layer thickness [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [25/11] Derivation of boundary layer equations, Blasius solution [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [30/11] Momentum integral equation [Video-1] [Video-2]

  • [01/12] Boundary layer separation, Lift and drag [Video-1]

  • [02/12] Tutorial 7

  • [07/12] Tutorial 8

Reference books

  • RW Fox, PJ Pritchard, AT McDonald, Introduction to fluid mechanics, John Wiley & Sons.

  • YA Cengel, JM Cimbala, Fluid mechanics, McGraw Hill Publishers.

  • FM White, Fluid mechanics, McGraw Hill Publishers.

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