Mechanics of Materials (ME 210)

ME 210 is a core course for third semester B.Tech. students of the school of mechanical sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Goa. This page contains details of the course that is being taught during Autumn 2023.

Instructor: Dr. Sudhakar Yogaraj

Teaching Assistant: Nitin Anirudh GT

Course progress

  • [25/07] Introduction: Course overview, review of statics

  • [26/07] internal loads, stress, general state of stress

  • [27/07] Concept of strain, stress and strain in axially loaded bar, Tutorial problems on internal load

  • [28/07] Stress-strain diagram, ductile and brittle material, Hooke’s law, strain energy

  • [07/08] Unloading the material, fatigue, shear stress

  • [08/08] Axially loaded members: Review of chapter 1, Saint Venant’s principle, stresses in inclined planes

  • [09/08] Elastic deformation of a bar, continuous varying load and dimension, example problem on deformation, statically indeterminate structures

  • [10/08] Poisson’s ratio, Generalised Hooke’s law, Example problem on stat indeterminate bar

  • [11/08] Thermal stress, an example problem, review of chapter 2

  • [14/08] Tutorial 1

Reference books

  • RC Hibbeler, Mechanics of Materials, Printice Hall.

  • A Pytel, J Kiusalaas, Mechanics of materials, Cengage.

  • JM Gere, BJ Goodno, Mechanics of Materials, Cengage Learning.