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AI Shiksha

Introduction to Deep Learning

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NSM Nodal Centres for Training in HPC and AI, along with CDAC, are organizing a 7-week course on Deep Learning. This is planned from June 2021 to August 2021, and is open to everyone.

Learning Assessment

An end of course examination will be conducted online. Top performers will be given Book Prizes The successful candidates will be awarded a certificate with grades. Others will be given certificates of participation.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to teach participants the basic concepts of deep learning. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of Machine Learning, as a prerequisite


The event is scheduled online. E-meeting details will be available on the portal, for registered participants after June 26, 2021. Participants will have to visit this site at regular intervals to note the announcements.

Important Dates:

Course Registration

till Sunday, 20th June 2021

Course Start Date

28 June 2021

Course Duration

7 weeks (20 lectures)

Course Topics Instructors

  1. AI History
  2. Machine Learning Primer
Prof. Clint P George

  1. Basics of Neural Network
  2. Optimization Methods
  3. Regularization Methods
  4. Autoassociative Neural Networks
Prof. C Chandra Sekhar

  1. Convolution Neural Network
  2. Deep Learning for Edge Devices
  3. HPC for AI
Mr. Bharatkumar Sharma

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Recurrent Neural Networks, Transformers
  3. Deep Q Learning
Prof. Mausam