CS 254 Digital Logic Design Lab

    • List of Experiments

      • Experiment 1: Combinational Circuits-I (Four Bit Adder)
        Experiment 2: Combinational Circuits-II (Multiplexers)
        Experiment 3: Array Multiplier and Nibble ALU
        Experiment 4: Decoders and Encoders
        Experiment 5: Arithmetic of Binary Coded Digits
        Experiment 6: Sequential Circuits I - Counters
        Experiment 7: Sequential circuits II - Four Digit BCD Counter with Multiplexed Seven Segment Display
        Experiment 8: Sequential circuits III - Tone generator
        Experiment 9: LCD Interfacing
        Experiment 10: Finite State Machine for Car Indicator Lights
        Experiment 11: CMOS Inverter Characteristics


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        Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic, "Fundamentals of Logic Design Logic with VHDL Design," Tata McGraw Hill
        Peter J. Ashenden, "VHDL Tutorial," Elsvier Science