EE 224 Digital Systems

  • Syllabus

    • Review of basic combinational and sequential logic, Review of digital electronics, Digital logic families: TTL, CMOS etc., Number systems and basic digital arithmetic, Finite state machine design, Analysis and synthesis, Introduction to hardware description language, Array based logic elements (Memory, PLA, FPGA), Special topics (such as processor design, testing and verification, special digital systems, asynchronous state machines etc.)


    • J. F. Wakerly, "Digital Design, Principles and Practices," Pearson Education
      Charles H. Roth, "Digital Systems Design using VHDL," Thomson Learning
      H. Taub and D. Schilling, "Digital Integrated Electronics," McGraw Hill
      D. A. Hodges and H.G. Jackson, "Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits," International Student Edition, McGraw Hill
      F. J. Hill and G. L. Peterson, "Switching Theory and Logic Design," John Wiley
      Z. Kohavi, "Switching and Finite Automata Theory," McGraw Hill

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